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ATROCITIES Five Way Split (Devoured/Goldepyre/Among The Decayed/Terrordrome/Digging Up)


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1.Devoured – My Flesh, The Spawn, and Gore Hound
2.Devoured – Aku Telah Mati
3.Devoured – Religion Epidemic
4.GoldenPyre – Crawl to the Abyss
5.GoldenPyre – Exterminate
6.GoldenPyre – Nailed in the Eyes
7.GoldenPyre – Onward to Damnation
8.Among the Decayed – Anatomy of a Massacre
9.Among the Decayed – Beyond the Grave
10.Among the Decayed – Kill the Warden
11.Among the Decayed – Gutrot
12.Among the Decayed – They Call It Murder
13.Among the Decayed – Pitfeen
14.Among the Decayed – Thirteen
15.Terrordrome – Disputing the Throne
16.Terrordrome – Inhibit the Discord
17.Terrordrome – Infected Fornication
18.Terrordrome – The Privileges of Slime
19.Digging Up – Savouring Veronica in My Vein

Label : Life Fluid Productions
Genre : Brutal Death Metal (Compilation)

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Weight150 g
Dimensions15 × 13.5 × 1.5 cm