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FASIQ – Tergusur Ditanah Sendiri

1. Tergusur Di Tanah Sendiri2. Kasta Semu Singgasana Buram3. Terroris Moral4. Harga Mati Untuk Harga Diri5. Kaum Proletar Ibu Kota Bonus Track : 1. Kasta Semu Singgasama buram (Unmix)2. Kaum Proletar Ibukota (Unmix) Lokasi / Asal :Jakarta, IndonesiaGenre : Thrash MetalLabel : Self- Mind Records

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REVULSED – LIVE ATROCITY : The Inception Of Sufferance (CD + DVD)

1. Rapacious Engorgement2. Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction3. Pestilential Articulation4. Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction5. Transmutational Craniotomy6. Archetypal Cauterization7. Enticement to Carnivorous Impoverishment8. Celestial Perspicacity9. Infernal Atrocity10. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover) Lokasi / Asal : AustraliaGenre : Technical / Brutal Death MetalLabel : Brutal Mind

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AVULSED – Reanimating Russia 2007 (DVD)

1. Amidst the Macabre (intro)2. Stabwound Orgasm3. Gorespattered Suicide4. Powdered Flesh5. Daddy Stew6. River Runs Red7. Wormeaten8. Carnivoracity9. Let Me Taste Your Flesh10. Devourer of the Dead11. Sick Sick Sex12. Infernal Haemorrhoids13. Foetal Consolation14. Blessed by Gore15. Piranha (Exodus cover)16. Sweet Lobotomy17. Burnt but Not Carbonized18. Exorcismo Vaginal19. Ace of Spades (Motrhead cover) DVD OriginalLabel : Coyote RecordsGenre : Death MetalAsal : Spain Coyote Records,…

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HOUWITSER – Moscow Atrocity (DVD)

DVD original Tracklist: 1. Bestial Atrocity2. Conviction Through Torture3. Rage Inside the Womb4. Feel the Consequence5. Sledgehammer Redemption6. Shredded to Pieces7. Terror Legion8. I Shape the Suffering9. Sadictic Intent10. Lingering Death11. Embrace Damnation12. Death’s a Fact13. Trip of Fire14. Devoured Cunt Asal/ Lokasi : NetherlandsGenre : Brutal Death MetalLabel : Coyote Records

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