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VOMITOLOGY – Ectotherms Butcher Architect

1. Psychological Mental Disfiguremenet2. Schizoaffective Delusion3. Sychomorph4. The Incision of Silent5. 44 Days (Junko Furuta, 1988)6. Design of Endless Lust7. Necrophilia8. Plain Face Killer9. Purification Surgery10. Embryonal Injected11. The Existence of Perfectionism Lokasi / Asal :Purwokerto, IndonesiaGenre : Brutal Death MetalLabel : LMetal Force Records

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VOMIT REMNANTS – Supreme Entity

1. Putrefying Dead Flesh2. My Blessed Sickness3. Decomposed of Structure4. Rotted Human Waste5. Macabre Mementos6. Engorgement7. Faces of the Deceased (Soils of Fate cover)8. Murderous Thoughts Determined9. Live at Miyazaki Hellfest Asal/ Lokasi : JapanGenre : Brutal Death MetalLabel : Brutal Mind

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